We love what we do

We love creating moving images that stimulate an audience, that evoke emotion - and that tick all the boxes for our clients. At the heart of Phoenix is a true passion for what we do. And this passion drives our creative, freethinking approach. When you work with us, you can be sure that you are working with a media production and animation company that will deliver outstanding results. A young company, we are already recognized for our special ability to understand and project clients' unique perspectives - creating visual design and communication solutions that are fresh, different, and that reach out and touch the audience; that are rich and full. Phoenix is more than a vibrant, across-the-board graphics and post-production house. We provide complete turnkey-solutions covering a broad spectrum: Creative Services, Commercial Services, Cartoon Animation, Graphic Animation & Special Effects, as well as Broadcast & Title Design. Our talented team is committed to creating great productions; giving clients complete satisfaction. You will find us enthusiastic and responsive, and you will find the results of our work outstanding.


Phoenix Media Production & Animation

Phoenix Media Production & Animation – free thinkers in a world of mediocrity. Our mission is clearly focused, yet embraces our broad vision. We provide cutting-edge innovative design, cartoon animation and creative solutions for the advertising, broadcasting, music and entertainment industries. We devise concepts that convert ideas into strategically targeted, world-class moving images. We like to see ourselves as having unique strengths that set us apart. Our inheren…


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