Phoenix Media Production & Animation – free thinkers in a world of mediocrity.

Our mission is clearly focused, yet embraces our broad vision. We provide cutting-edge innovative design, cartoon animation and creative solutions for the advertising, broadcasting, music and entertainment industries. We devise concepts that convert ideas into strategically targeted, world-class moving images.

We like to see ourselves as having unique strengths that set us apart.
Our inherent strength is our creative ability. We are a talented team of people who come together in imagination, vision and harmony. We understand Middle Eastern markets. We have a deep respect for the diversity of the market we address, and we recognise its differences and its psyche. We know how to successfully target an audience.
We have invested in state-of-the-art technology. At Phoenix, you will find the very latest in digital video equipment. More importantly we know how to get the best results, and this gives us the edge.
Our clients range from marketing strategists to advertising agencies, and from TV broadcasting companies to the wide world of the music and entertainment industry. Clients recognise that through our innovative design, creative thinking and the visual impact of our media production and animation, they are able to communicate their message effectively - be it through film, TV, DVD, or the web.