Heroes of the Gulf

Six countries, one nation…a symbol of security and safety…they believe in peace and hold no hostility, but when danger emerges, the heroes will rise!
Six heroes…embodying the values that unify their countries, they fight to defeat evil and promote good.
Armed with astonishing abilities and superior skills, the Six confront evildoers and their treacherous plots throughout the Arab world.
Their strength is their unity and their ideals are embodied in the adventures they will lead. They are the Heroes of the Gulf!


أبطال الخليج

ست دول.. وطن واحد.. إنها رمز للأمن والأمان.. لا تعادي.. وتؤمن بالسلام, ولكن.. إذا أحست بالخطر, فأرضها مصنع الأبطال
أبطالنا ستة.. يجسدون باتحادهم ما يجمع دولهم من إصرار على تغليب الخير من الشر.
يتصدون للأشرار في كل موقع على إمتداد الوطن العربي.. متسلحين بقدرات فائقة ومهارات إستثنائية لا تبرز إلا عندما يتحدون مع بعضهم للتصدي لمؤامرات الشر والغدر.
في إتحادهم قوة.. وفي مغامراتهم يجسدون القدوة.. إنهم.. أبطال الخليج.


  • Faisal

    Saudi Arabia – 180cm – 60kg – Slim – Loves computers and a pro in knowing the unknown – He is a planner and a computer wizard. He is considered a walking google. He exerts the propulsive force of high-speed winds from his hands.

  • Ali

    Bahrain – 170cm – 70kg – Average body weight – A formula driver, He loves racing cars – He has super speed powers and can control all motor vehicles, vessels and aircrafts.

  • Fahed

    Kuwait – 165cm – 65kg – Average body weight, wears glasses – He is a scientist and an inventor. He loves experimenting in electricity and machines – He invents a teleportation watch and gets electrocuted where he develops a super power after passing it through his five friends which enables him to control electricity.

  • Khalid

    Qatar – 170cm – 80kg – Muscular – He is Athletic, he is passionate about body building and boxing - He has tremendous super power strength in destroying and carrying very heavy items.

  • Salem

    United Arab of Emirates – 150cm – 55kg – Average Body Weight, Short – He loves falconry and horseback riding and his vision is extremely strong – He has vision powers where he can see kilometers far and beyond walls just like a falcon.

  • Ahmed

    Oman – 160cm – 95kg – Overweight – He is a theater actor, he has a unique sense of humor and is very talented in imitating people – Anything he sees, he copies and imitates. His super power is mimicry.