2D / 3D / Cartoon & Clay Animation

Animating objects that appear in a two- or three-dimensional space. Objects can be rotated and moved to appear life-like. 3D animation is at the heart of games and virtual reality and can be used in presentation graphics to add flair to visuals.

Creative Services

A full-service range of creative disciplines that produce visual images for use by studios, and advertising, promotional, branding and public relations organisations.

TV and Radio Commercials

Dynamic and imaginative television and radio commercials to reach and connect with the desired consumer and stimulate demand or interest.

Broadcast Branding

Brands are brought to life through the use of graphic, audio and motion design.

TV Program Packages

A fully-edited set of video or animation clips for use in any creative or commercial application.

Music and Sound Composing

Composing, producing and engineering music and sound for artists, commercials, video games, film, radio, logos and anything else that might be needed for a creative concept.

Graphics and VFX

Innovative and stimulating graphic designs and visual effects to suit any application or purpose.

Video Editing

Skillful, professional video editing using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure technically precise and visually appealing results.

Live Motion Filming

Bringing together the critical elements for great results: location and background, imagination and composition, light and space, colour and movement, and the best equipment available.